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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Private Collections, F-nmt3 (fragment)

Two pages from a print gradual, re-purposed as the covers of a notebook (probably after the 1966 flooding of Florence.)
As trimmed, 360 x 215 mm, including a 15mm folded-over edge on 3 sides. Written area 330x 200.

Red staves with black square notation. Diamond-shaped neumes for some unaccented syllables, and a "flipped" virga connecting some neumes.
Printed text uses ct ligatures and long s; likely 18th century, though recorded by the seller as 17th.

Sydney (Nov Scotia, Canada), Private Collections, D-qev2 (fragment)

Single leaf from a print antiphoner. Text block: 415x270 mm (full page dimensions obscured by mat, but larger than 495x330.)

Both three and four-line staves in red; square notation. Somewhat distinctive small b-natural and two-part b-flat signs. Initials seem to have been on blocks slightly larger than the text space provided, causing gaps in some staff lines.

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